Friday, August 17, 2007

seminar reflections...

Last year I went to Poynter for a seminar on untold stories. My colleagues and I participated in a variety of lectures and assignments tailored to challenge how we view our sources and how we frame their stories.
By the end of that week-long training, our group leader said we had gone from "untold" to "well told."
I feel that same sense of accomplishment with the Freedom Forum's online training. I arrived last Sunday in Nashville with no prior experience using a flash drive or holding a microphone. I was unsure of journalism and its future direction.
What a difference a week makes.
I blogged. I told stories through sounds. I can compose a photo. I also can shoot video and will never underestimate white balance, clear audio, lighting and the need for enough B-roll.
The work involved in producing an audio slideshow or video presentation is long and detailed. It requires good planning, patience and precision.
The principles of journalism are unchanged. I've only picked up new skills and tools to enhance a reader's experience with stories. I'm excited about these platforms.
Thank you, thank you, Kate for making the seminar happen. Thank you speakers and trainers for your time and support.
Tom Costello and Glenn Hartong: You guys rock! Thanks for believing in Team 1 despite our 40-minute delay beginning our first interview.
Mindy McAdams: I'd move to Florida to take your classes.
Amy Eisman: "Dudette," thanks for your critique of my newspaper's Web site. Noted. I'll pass on to the staff.
Al Tompkins: Great dialogue about ethics in the online world. I had wondered whether our newsroom had guidelines but had not thought to ask. That's changed.
John Siegenthaler: Thanks for your wisdom and strong convictions. You are an inspiration.
-Jenny Espino

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