Friday, August 17, 2007

In conclusion ...

I can't believe the week has come and gone that fast ...

I learned so many new things this week, I almost feel like I was part of something illegal. Like some top secret, backwoods, underground information that I'm supposed to share with the world, yet not tell the world how I got it.

Whether it be John-John challenging a speaker on if his online publication was actually making money (it wasn't) on the first day or Team 7's constant clowning at the end, the week was full of memories.

The feeling of discovery when Mark Briggs introduced us to RSS feeds or Al Tompkins divulging new sites we can go to find damn near any information we needed was unmatched.

I think Mindy McAdams is my new secret girlfriend. She could've taught something all 6 days and I wouldn't have tired of it. Especially on how to use and edit audio for the web. I connected with that instantly because that's the stuff I've been wanting to do at my paper, especially now that I'll be doing sports. But Soundslides are such a powerful way of telling a story that I'm completely enamored with the idea.

The video info we received was informative as well. I know it's been a long time since I was able to do any video editing work but I feel like that's another future challenge that I'll be looking forward to tackling.

To the staff, instructors and presenters who organized the event, I'm very appreciative of everything. Kate, thanks for allowing me to be one of the first 21.

Yvette - my Nashville momma - thanks for taking care of everything as you always do. You're my homegirl.

Aunt Pearl, I only saw you for a couple days, but it was definitely good to see and talk to you for a bit.

John Seigenthaler - my favorite white man - thanks again for everything. Wikipedia can't hold a candle to who you truly are ...

And I also want to send a big thanks to Robbie Morganfield, who is leaving the Freedom Forum and Diversity Institute at the end of the month to pursue another chapter in his life on the East Coast. Robbie is the one who helped mold me as one - of about 80 other aspiring journalists (including Martin and Leah) - of many bold journalists taking knowledge into newsrooms all across the nation and keeping the "old guard" on their toes. I owe him a deep gratitude and put it down, Deacon Morganfield!!!

Okay, class. We're armed and dangerous with all kinds of potent information. Let's get to shootin'!!!!!!

Whatever endeavors you choose to partake in the future, just make it happen.

Thanks for a great week everybody!!!

Jonathan Babalola

The Noblesville (Ind.) Daily Times

- "I don't know the key to success, but I do know the key to failure is trying to make everybody happy."

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Mindy McAdams said...

"I think Mindy McAdams is my new secret girlfriend." I am so flattered!

Your group was my favorite training group of journalists ever -- your enthusiasm was inspiring. I hope you all build on your optimism and willingness to learn. Blaze a trail in your own newsroom!