Monday, August 13, 2007

Use it; don't lose it

Every day, newspapers and their Web sites publish tons of content that should be put in databases -- obits, births, marriages, sports and crime, Matthew Waite said. Data is under-used and under-explored on the Web. It's time to break the "we-publish-it-once" mentality and put into databases information that has a shelf-life and can be updated, the St. Petersburg Times investigative reporter said.

Waite showed the group a public-safety database that he has created. "Don't Walk Here" was created with information on pedestrian deaths from the federal government. The data, which is available nationwide, shows an astonishing concentration of pedestrian deaths along one highway in the Tampa Bay area.

- Kate Kennedy

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Online & Multimedia Seminar said...

I got tons off ideas from Waite's lecture, many of which I think are easy to implement immediately in the newsroom. Im really looking forward to it. There is tons of information that we post online in a very boring format. Add a little interaction and you've got yourself a hit!