Monday, August 13, 2007

the start of a conversation

Until this morning, I thought I was done with a story once it was posted to the Web.
Not so, says Mark Briggs of The News Tribune. That's only the mid-point because from that point on, the conversation begins.
His observations about readers being starved for information were powerful and insightful. They have me pondering how I can improve on my craft. I want to be a part of the conversation.
It's only the first day of the seminar. I have tons of notes to review and Web sites to visit. I only wish my colleagues were part of the experience. Here's what I take away from today's sessions:
  • Aim for the top five in your newspaper's Web site. It's no longer A1.
  • Go beyond explaining in your story-telling. Provide an experience for your readers. Engage them.
  • Readers are information starved.
  • The core tenets of journalism apply across all multimedia platform. All newsrooms need guidelines at this early stage.
  • The Web has a plethora of resources -- not to be mistaken with sources -- to enhance our reporting and speed up our research.
  • We are not the gatekeeper. We can be afraid of the new challenges or embrace them. I choose the latter.
  • Credibility will keep us afloat.

- Jenny Espino

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