Monday, August 13, 2007

Just enough rope...

I really enjoyed the recent seminar about ethics when using multimedia. It made me think about what not to do, but unfortunately also opened me up to new possibilities. I am so multimedia illiterate that I didn't even know all of the stuff I could do with video.

I have to admit when watching the latest Al Tompkins seminar there were a couple of bad thoughts that went through my head.

"Cool, you mean you can edit audio like that?"
"Wow, that music really changes the mood, that could be fun."
"That car crash video I taped would look a lot cooler if I could just speed it up a bit..."

Well, at least I'm learning how bad these thoughts are now before I go into the field. Better to learn early than late.

But when I am shooting home video...

Maria St. Louis-Sanchez

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