Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Now we're talkin'....

Amy Eisman from American University came back with the sequel to her discussion from yesterday. During part of the discussion, she went through some of the group's websites from their home papers and did critiques. I almost wish she went to my paper because I just feel like there is so much potential for our site. But I guess that's part of what this week is for, right?
Mindy McAdams from the University of Florida talked to us about getting and editing audio for our sites, which included the software that we can use to accomplish that feat. And it's free!!! Now I know that's a price Noblesville's finest print organization will be willing to pay!!!
Mindy's session brought back a lot of memories from 9 1/2 years of radio interviews and late-night editing sessions, as I tried to crunch 30 minutes worth of sound bites into the best 3 minutes for the morning sports updates.
Ah, memories. I laughed to myself as she explained the proper way to hold a microphone and I thought about squeezing between 15 reporters trying to interview Kobe Bryant or Brett Favre and making sure your microphone is held at just the perfect angle hoping the sound is coming out right.
This session is right up my alley because I would love to incorporate more soundslides and audio elements on my newspaper's website. These are the kind of projects that I envision when I think about multimedia. I truly can't wait to get back to the newsroom with all of this.
Mindy, where were you about a year ago when I bought my Olympus, which seems like a reel-to-reel compared to the hi-tech Olympus that we're using for our project?
I had my doubts about missing Aruba for this (which I'm sure people still think I'm nuts for) but it's all evolving as the week goes along.

Jonathan Babalola
Noblesville (Ind.) Daily Times

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