Thursday, August 16, 2007

The zen of video

Advice from Tom Costello:

Tripods give you steady shots. Steady shots make good edits.

Always wear headphones. Always monitor your sound. "Shoot video with your ears."

Shoot enough of everything. Establish your shot, start the camera and count (not out loud) to 10. "Have at least a piece of video to edit."
Use the right microphone. "Think about what natural sound is in the shot."
Check focus in the view-finder. If it looks in focus in the LCS, it might not be.
Shoot wide, medium and tight shots.
Connect your shots. Get B-roll for your story. (A-roll is your interview -- what the story is based on. B-roll is secondary shots -- extra visual elements to tell the story.) "B-roll is your friend."

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